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Meet the people that make the Weekly

Staff & Contributors


Terry Buchanan Gormley


Alice Riehl


Dorothy Colburn

Terry Buchanan is the paper's Publisher and Editor, having purchased the 30-year old paper in 2014 from its previous owners, Earl and Mimi Carpenter.  Terry is also an avid foodie and writes the restaurant reviews and recipe column (also on

Bruce Burk is the Weekly's talented photographer, chronicling so many scenes in our fair city, and pens the weekly column, Walk About.

Alice Riehl, a former principal at the Weekly, still stays in touch with our readers with her Modern Times column


Dave Casey owns Wheelys Cafe, Wheelys Farmacy and also manages distribution for the paper.

Dorothy Colburn writes the Bird Report for the Weekly and is our persistent proofreader. 

Thomas William Tear is a frequent contributor to the Weekly, writing his often tongue-in-cheek Tales From The Trenches. 


Bruce Burk & Hannah

Dave Casey


Thomas William Tear

The Weekly  201 Delaware St., New Castle, DE 19720

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